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Overview of Biomass Supply Chains and Mobile Technology Applications [View Now]
Jul 16, 2014 2:00 pm
NOTE: This live webinar event, being hosted using Cisco WebEx, is limited to the first 100 participants. Please plan on joining this webinar 15 minutes before its scheduled start time. Producing alternative fuels that are cost competitive with fossil fuels requires an efficient supply chain. Participants will learn about practices and applied ...
Understanding Our Urban Forest Assets: Methods of Tree Inventory and Urban Tree Canopy Analysis [View Now]
Jul 9, 2014 1:00 pm
Urban areas are growing in size and density throughout the United States. This growth brings opportunities for economic and cultural prosperity, but can also strain natural resources and the ecosystem services they provide for citizens of towns and cities. Urban forests provide the green infrastructure upon which natural resources are sustained in...
Managing for Soil Health when Raising Potatoes - A Farmer's Perspective [View Now]
Jul 8, 2014 2:00 pm
Participants will gain knowledge about how soil health can be improved when growing crops that require a lot of soil disturbance during harvest....
Biomass Harvesting Sustainability Webinar Series: Soil impacts of biomass harvesting [View Now]
Jul 8, 2014 12:00 pm
Concerns regarding the sustainability of woody biomass harvests have led to the development of Biomass Harvesting Guidelines (BHGs), which typically recommend that a percentage of harvestable biomass be retained and distributed across the logging area. However, these BHGs lack technical underpinning derived from empirical research, and little is kn...
Bird-Friendly Bottomland Forest Recommendations [View Now]
Jun 30, 2014 12:00 pm
For more than forty years, Audubon has acquired and now manages more than 15,000 acres of bottomland hardwood forest in South Carolina, and over time has identified the bird species which benefit most from various bottomland types and conditions. Audubon is partnering with state and federal conservation agencies, other private conservation organiza...
Using Diverse Cover Crop Mixes to Improve Soil Health and Livestock Nutrition on Grazing Lands [View Now]
Jun 25, 2014 2:00 pm
Participate in this webinar to learn the reasons behind choosing different cover crop mixes for soil health and livestock nutrition and the short term effects of these mixes on soil, plants, and livestock....
What is the Role of Natural Resource Professionals in Landowner Legacy Planning [View Now]
Jun 25, 2014 1:00 pm
Succession planning, or “legacy planning”, is perhaps the most complicated AND critical activity a landowner should take the time to study and implement. The National Woodland Owner Survey indicates that more than 60 percent of current forestland owners are age 55 or older and nearly half of them have already retired. In the absence of a plan f...
Managing Troublesome Invasive Grasses in Eastern Forests [View Now]
Jun 18, 2014 2:00 pm
Participate to learn about management of several key invasive grasses in Eastern forests including bamboo, miscanthus, arundo, stiltgrass, cogongrass, phragmites, and others....
Managing for Soil Health in the Piedmont Area of the Southeast - A Farmer's Perspective [View Now]
Jun 10, 2014 2:00 pm
Participants will hear a farmer's perspective on using cover crops and no-till to improve soil health, increase soil organic matter, and build resilience in his soils....
Air Quality, Climate Change, and Energy [View Now]
Jun 9, 2014 2:00 pm
This course will help you learn how air quality, climate change, and energy are interrelated and integral to USDA's missions and goals....
Air Quality Resource Concerns [View Now]
Jun 9, 2014 2:00 pm
This course will provide an overview of the major air quality concerns found in agricultural and natural resource systems....
Why Should We Care About Air Quality? [View Now]
Jun 9, 2014 2:00 pm
This course will explain why air quality and atmospheric change issues are important to us and equip participants with knowledge and confidence to address these issues....
Greenhouse Gases and Carbon Sequestration [View Now]
Jun 9, 2014 2:00 pm
This course provides an overview on greenhouse gases along with the role agricultural and natural resource systems play in the overall global balance of greenhouse gases....
Commonly Used Organic Inputs [View Now]
Jun 5, 2014 3:00 pm
Participants will learn about commonly used inputs in organic production, regulations governing inputs, and how to use the Organic Materials Review Institute list more effectively....
The Climate Change Resource Center: Information and Tools for Land Managers [View Now]
Jun 5, 2014 1:00 pm
For land managers who need to address climate change in ecosystem management planning, it can be difficult to find timely and useful science that can apply to on-the-ground actions. Not only is it a challenge to distill complex and regional ecological responses to climate change into specific management options, but the rapid generation of new scie...

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